Restoring Civility in the Workplace


"Restoring Civility in the Workplace"

Being rude, talking down to others, pointing the finger, taking credit for the work of others are all the results of incivility in the current workplace. The seemingly little acts of incivility result in much larger problems in an organization such as aggression, reduced work performance, lost time from work, few ideas, less creativity, and ultimately the loss of millions of dollars in profit.

Adam White, Leadership Speaker, Author, and Human Potential Expert delivers this powerful program on Restoring Civility in the Workplace environment that will improve employee morale, engagement and increase bottom-line profitability. In this rising age of Incivility, you cannot afford to miss this powerful program for your organization.

You will learn and discover:

  • Define incivility and it’s characteristics in people

  • How to spot and detect incivility in your workplace

  • The cost of incivility in the workplace

  • The top 2 reasons leaders and executives fail

  • How to use Radical Candor to improve employee correction

  • The one thing more powerful than appreciation or opportunities for growth

  • The 3 most important things that civility fuels

  • 5 Leadership tweaks that can make a huge difference for employees

  • The 6 ways to overcome incivility in the workplace

  • And more principles on Civility in the Workplace


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