Adam's Wellness Program: Mental Reset

Adam will take your leaders, staff and employees on a journey of discovery of what it means to be made for greatness. This keynote is designed to empower audiences to focus on the areas of mental wellness, physical wellness, and spiritual wellness

Adam will talk about the power of thought, beliefs, eliminating negative self-talk, creating effective daily habits and patterns of success, using the power of psychology (mental focus) physiology (physical endurance), spiritual wellness (find purpose, meaning, passion in life and work), and so much more. At the end of this keynote in Adam’s signature style, he will guide the audience through a powerful exercise in mindfulness with guided imagery that will empower individuals to focus and deliver better results in every area of their lives.

You will learn:

Mental Wellness – Psychology
 Thought-life management and how thoughts shape your life
 Guarding the mind against negative thoughts
 The mind’s (3) default options and belief filters that block open-mindedness
 How to change your mental state
 The 80/20 rule of psychology
 Abundance vs. scarcity mindset
 We are responsible for our own results (life is always a result of decisions, not conditions)
 Understand the (2) Fears that drive human behavior

Physical Wellness – Physiology

How to engage your body with empowering techniques
Developing daily patterns of exercise
Powerful Breathing Techniques that renew mental & physical strength
Learn the power of combining language with physiology

Spiritual Wellness

Mindfulness and mental focus

Gratitude and thankfulness

Managing stress and frustration

You are made for greatness

Learn (2) of the most powerful things that stop us from unlocking internal power: External influencers & self-oppression

The (6) human needs and which ones you value most


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