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5 Ways to Develop Discipline

I am excited to talk to you today in this session about 5 ways to develop discipline. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an athlete, whether it’s a career ambition, or whether you want to increase the relationship in your life, it requires a certain level of discipline.

No one that you see, whether it’s an actress or someone you deem to be successful has achieved success without a certain level of discipline. Today, I want to give you 5 ways that will help you to develop your level of discipline.

5 Ways to Develop Discipline:

  1. Set a New Standard

  2. Be Consistent

  3. Make Every Moment Count

  4. Create a Great Routine

  5. Go Beyond How You Feel

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About Adam White

Adam White is one of the most thought provoking speakers and leadership experts that you will ever experience. Entrepreneur and Author of the bestselling book, “A Leader Others Will Follow: The Power of Influence, Adam speaks to organizations across the country inspiring them to be their very best both personally and professionally. He speaks in the areas of Leadership, Psychology, Human Behavior, Motivation, and Professional Development

At one point in his life, Adam lost everything he had and was forced to move into his parent’s basement. The basement experience was a turning point in his life and in 2 short years he turned his life around, buying a Subway Franchise and more than 14 investment properties. Adam quickly became an inspiration and mentor to many others and leaders in particular. 10 years of research and experience became things that he has used to add value to the lives of others. Adam’s life purpose and mission is to help others become great leaders, great influencers and leave their impact on this world by sharing their voice.

Michigan SGMP named Adam “the best speaker they had ever heard.”

Fox Rothschild Attorneys at Law said “Adam’s message should be shared with government leaders and the world.”

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