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How to Communicate with Difficult People

Today we are going to be talking about something that will really be helpful in every area of your life. We’re going to talk about, “How to Communicate with Difficult People.” At some point in our lives whether it’s in our personal relationship, our relationship at home, or our work, in the mall, in our romantic relationships we are going to run into trying to communicate with difficult people.

How do we communicate with someone who is difficult, or wants to debate and argue? How do we approach communicating with them?

Let’s get started with the first principle that will immediately begin to help you...

1. Understand Human Behavior (what drives human behavior

2. See it from their perspective

3. Know and Understand the 3 Forms of Communication

4. Pay attention to the Language they use

5. Use these tips: a) Use the word “me” or “I” instead of “you.” Take ownership of the feeling and state what it has done to you.

b) Restate the feeling: “I understand you are FRUSTRATED,” “I realize you are TIRED” – re-stating the feeling lets them know you are paying attention and you understand them.

c) If in an aggressive or hostile situation say this: “May I have some time to process what this means to me?” This buys you time and get you out of a hot spot.

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