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Your organization deserves better

Your organization deserves better

Live Meeting

Your organization deserves...

A customized, revolutionary and highly engaging experience - where National In-demand Speaker Adam White delivers transformational content that is of the highest quality, in a remarkable and memorable way that ignites attendees to: 

Learn powerful leadership principles 

Manage Disruptive Change

Build Resilience and Bounce back

Re-energize and ignite their inner potential

Acquire empowerment and laws of advancement

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Virtual Meeting

Your organization deserves...

Adam White preserving the "live experience" with is incredible ability to engage and teach through camera so it feels like they are in the same room with him. This is the ultimate in virtual learning. Your people will think & feel 

Completely engaged & connected 

Feel the impact & energy coming through the camera

Develop a new sense of resiliency and focus

Renew their mind, heart, spirit and purpose 

Become empowered as knowledge is imparted

Oh my, Adam White! The man and the content of his presentation was absolutely unforgettable... During this day and time, he took a difficult subject, flipped it up-side-down, captured his audience and made us feel like we could defeat any obstacle standing in our way and conquer the world. The man is brilliant and I can't wait to hear him speak again.  I'm so glad I didn't miss this presentation...very well done indeed!

Quote Mark
Quote Mark
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"Adam is one of the greatest speaker we have every heard."    

-Society of Government Meeting Professionals

"Adam I couldn't stop thinking about your presentation long after you left the stage."

-Paula, CCHRA

"I am getting all kinds of appreciation for your presentation, your expertise and your fabulous skills, BRAVO! 

- Anne, MAASE

"Adam your leadership principles on Applied Power was so powerful. I say, HIRE HIM!!!

- Tamara, WR-IPMA-HR President

"WOW - so much to be inspired by, meditated on, and acted upon. You really packed in the wisdom! Thank you Adam!"

- Katie M, Attendee 


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Adam your leadership principles on knowledge is not power but Applied Power was so powerful. I say, HIRE HIM!!!

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Adam, I'm getting all kinds of appreciation & gratitude for your presentation skills, BRAVO!

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Adam you were simply the best speaker that we have ever heard!

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"You were an incredible inspiration and motivator! Thank you" - Penny B.

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"WOW - so much to be inspired by, meditated on, and acted upon. You really packed in the wisdom! Thank you Adam!" - Katie M.

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"Thank you!!! What a beautiful and amazing experience" - Erin M.

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"Very powerful presentation! Tools and information that are so timely and integral for all of us to practice"  - Stacy C.

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"Some speakers are masters in sales. They will sell you entertainment without education, laughter without learning, and a "feeling" with no transformation. Your organization deserves better - I invite you to invest in my powerful content that is backed up not by what I say but what I have "lived." I deliver real world tools and strategies that ignite your leaders and organization to truly accelerate their progress, elevate to a higher dimension of results, and lead in the marketplace."

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Choose your form of


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Adam works with you as a meeting professional to hand-craft a powerful transformational program and experience in a workshop/seminar format that will expand his keynote message and dive deep while filling more that one slot in your agenda. Save time, effort and investment by having Adam round out your agenda with a keynote and breakout sessions.

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As a one of the top national in-demand speakers, Adam White delivers up-to-date, current and cutting edge customized Keynotes to your audience. Don't settle for speakers that just tell stories and jokes and add no real value or ROI back to your organization. Adam will not just inspire but educate your audience so they advance, accelerate, excel, and exceed average results



Virtual Training, live stream, video conferencing are just a few of the virtual forms of training Adam provides in a dynamic, professional and inspiring way. As a gifted speaker, Adam will make each participant feel that he is right in the room with them and preserve the "live" experience virtually. His virtual sessions are available to re-watch long after the virtual keynote is over

Books By

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Adam's latest book release, Cracked but not Broken is changing lives all across the nation. We have all experienced life's cracks. This book heals the cracks in our lives, helps us to find purpose and meaning, discover our value and worth, and break free from self-made prisons. Our cracks don't define our real worth and value inside. This book will transform you and teach you how to overcome low-self esteem, feeling worthless, and empower you to find your true identity and purpose once again. You may be cracked, but you are not broken. Get your free copy today!

ReDesigned Cover - A Leader Others Will
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7 Self-Principles for Discovering Your Extraordinary Worth & Value


The Power of Influence 

If there is one book you need in your library on leadership, this would be it. Influential Leadership & Motivation Expert, Adam White teaches you the principles of Influential Leadership. Become a leader that others will follow because they want to and not because they have to. Learn the secret ingredient of influential leadership, powerful leadership communication strategies, and how to master the leadership of me. You can't afford not to have this book as a reference to continue to learn and develop your skills as an influential leader.


The 7 Habits that Unlock Greatness Within


3 Books in 1 Powerful Bundle

Take your personal development, professional development and results to the next level with Adam's Power Pack Bundle. Get all three of Adam's bestselling books in one powerful bundle that will transform your leadership, your business, your career and your life. Cracked but not Broken, A Leader Others Will Follow, and Made for Greatness have all sold out to audiences all over the country. People are buying them for their children, their spouses, their co-workers and friends. Don't miss the change to grab all three for the cost of shipping and handling while supplies last

Made for Greatness: The 7 Habits that Unlock Greatness Within shows you what you need to do to unlock your inner greatness. It was written from 10 years of research, it's very practical and will make a tremendous in your life. The difference between success or failure is hidden within our daily habits. Adam shares the 7 powerful habits that will transform your life, relationships and results.

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Online learning with

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His articles on leadership as contributing writer are invaluable to more than 100,000 subscribers and followers

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- Michael, Careers in Government Owner & Editor-in-Chief

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National and International Best Selling Book! 

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- U.S., Africa, Australia, British Columbia, South America, Singapore 

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Work with

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Adam has spoken to audiences all over the country and shared the stage with top influencers like Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles, former Mayor Goodman of Las Vegas and many others.


Adam also taught countless numbers of attendees in virtual sessions. If you want to take your conference and your crowd to the next level, contact us and let's get Adam on your platform!  



One of the greatest joy's that Adam has is helping people success in life and in business.


In that spirit of success, if you want to partner with Adam for a conference, a virtual event, blog appearance, media, spokesman or representation, host an event, contact us and let's discuss how Adam can bring the power of his voice, experience and energy to your event and make it a smashing success! 

Join Adam's family through virtual presentations, keynote speeches, Adam White University, and social media. Adam loves people. Say Hi!