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These are 5 Things that can cause a Leader to Fail. 

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1) Leadership Style

2) Traditional instead of Transitional

3) Lack of Understanding Human Behavior

4) Pride & Arrogance

5) Under developed Skill of Influence 

1. Self-Talk

2. A Pre-Determined Outcome

3. A Strategy

4. A New Story

5. Faith & Belief

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5 Things My Dad (My Greatest Influence) Taught me

1. Work Hard

2. Take Care of Family

3. Dad taught me how to Overcome Adversity

4. Be Honest & Keep your Word

5. Keep God First

Today we are going to be talking about something that will really be helpful in every area of your life. We’re going to talk about, “How to Communicate with Difficult People.” At some point in our lives whether it’s in our personal relationship, our relationship at hom...

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They realize that there is more potential within them and more of that they...

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