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One of the most powerful mindsets to develop is: never stop learning and growing. The average student doesn't read a single book after college. The average CEO reads 60 books a year. Adam empowers your audience, staff, and members to understand that empowering habits are what create empowering results. All successful people have the internal desire to keep getting better. They seek out leadership development, professional development, personal development and motivation to get it done. Adam uses his K.E.E. approach to your event to ensure you get the most return on your investment for the people (most important asset) in your organization. Knowledge. Engagement. Empowered. See them below. 



Adam's philosophy is a simple one. Knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power. Adam creates a compelling and exceptional educational experience for your audience. With the more than 10 years of leadership and human potential experience along with haven spoken organizations across the country, your audience or staff will leave with the tools, strategies, and resources they need to directly impact their work, performance and results. 


Adam provides undeniable engagement with your audience. The information age is over and the age of engagement is here. With so many distractions facing us, information alone is no longer enough. The days of boring informational speakers are over. What your audience will experience with Adam's presentations are total submergence and total engagement with Adam and powerful content that will inspire and motive them to have a transformation. That is what results are made of. Not just information, but real transformation which results in stronger leaders, more effective managers, and more engaged purpose-driven employees. 


Information & Motivation don't last. The real empowerment happens when your audience has tangible, real-world tools and solutions they can take back to their work and lives and see a completely different set of results. That is what Adam delivers aa every single event. Your audience or staff will leave feeling with the ability to create momentum and take their lives, career, and performance to the next level.  



Servant Leadership is often talked about, but many leaders and organizations struggle to adopt a true Servant Leadership ability and culture. In this powerful program on, “The Art of Servant Leadership”, Adam White, speaker, author, and leadership expert uncovers what it takes to become a servant leader, have move impact and develop more influence. Adam takes participants on a leadership journey from the traditional model of leadership to the paradigm shift to servant leadership. More than at any other time in history the world is looking for servant leaders.


This is an unprecedented time in history. With the spread of the corona virus people are struggling to find peace from the worry and stress of this global pandemic. People are scared. They are constantly watching the news and social media. They are pondering questions of how they can best take care of their health, and the well-being of their families, teams, and community. We are all worried about the future.  

But you and your organization don't have to face this time of crisis, challenge and change alone. Adam White has created powerful programs for your organization that are focused on leading during crisis, managing change, demonstrating courage, and developing critical thinking skills. Adam will help you navigate this challenging time, call forth your leadership spirit and help you come out on the other side. You have strength your side. Take a look at programs  that can be presented as a Keynote, Webinar, Workshop, Pre-Conference event, Training Session or Coaching Session. 

We will get through this. And we will get through this TOGETHER! 

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Adam empowers leaders to lead from their life and not just their position. Improve their influence and become leaders that others want to follow. Turn employees into managers and managers into influential leaders. More than at any other time in history, the world is in need of leaders with character, integrity, and influence. The one ingredient that can turn a company or a country around is the presence of a leader that becomes an agent of change. Nothing will ever improve until a leader steps up to the challenge to Lead with Influence. 


Help your HR Professionals embrace the disruptive changes in the HR Industry, provide greater value to their businesses, increase their influence, and have a greater impact on their leadership roles. The HR Industry is challenged with the swift changes while at the same time expected to prove credibility and value to the C-Suite, and still master talent management. Adam empowers HR Professionals to manage these challenges by digging deeper within to come up with new strategies to solve problems for their organizations. 


Re-energize your staff, improve patient & customer experience. Inspire medical staff to excellence, re-engage burnout employees. Adam inspires and educates the healthcare industry and inspires healthcare professionals to restore the "human touch" in healthcare once again. Healthcare professionals are burned out and expected to do more with fewer resources. Adam will empower them beyond their resources and teach how to become "resourceful." 


If you are looking to inspire your members or staff, empower your managers, develop leadership, improve organizational culture, Adam has the perfect program for your association or organization. Adam will partner with your association to deliver powerful, relevant, and excellent training and development to your member society. If you an organization, Adam will deliver the perfect keynote for your annual conference or conduct in-house training and development. 


Managing the lives of low-income families, dealing with poverty and helping people become self-sufficient can be daunting tasks. Adam will empower your leaders and staff members to deal with these challenges. Those challenges are even more difficult when you are trying to govern a community, a city, or a country. Adam empowers government leaders to become influential and agents of change. Regardless of what type of government agency you are, Adam will deliver the solutions you need, Including Strategic Planning, Vision and Mission, ROMA goals, facilitate planning retreats, keynote presentations, and more. 


Every single student, educator, and teacher was born with incredible potential. Adam's college, student and teacher programs deliver a discovery of purpose, sharpens leadership ability, and helps students discover themselves. Adam empowers students to understand that it's not just another class, but it's the rest of their lives that they are building in schools. Your school, educators, and students will be transformed by Adam's powerful messages on Youth Leadership, Purpose, Empowerment, Making Your Life Count, and developing success habits. 


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