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Adam's Programs on SERVANT LEADERSHIP as Keynote, Webinar, or Training

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"The Pathway to Greatness”

Servant Leadership is often talked about, but many leaders and organizations struggle to adopt a true Servant Leadership ability and culture. In this powerful program on, “The Art of Servant Leadership”, Adam White, speaker, author, and leadership expert uncovers what it takes to become a servant leader, have move impact and develop more influence.


Adam takes participants on a leadership journey from the traditional model of leadership to the paradigm shift to servant leadership. More than at any other time in history the world is looking for servant leaders.


Your audience and leaders will learn:

  • What is Servant Leadership exactly?

  • The Cornerstone of Serving Others: L.O.V.E.

  • The Traditional Leadership Model and why it doesn’t work anymore

  • Developing the Servant Leadership Model

  • Leadership Philosophy

  • The only 2 things every person is looking for

  • The secret ingredient of Servant Leadership: LISTENING

  • The 5 most important things leaders should listen for

  • Title & Position has nothing to do with Leadership

  • The 8 Most Important Characteristics of Servant Leaders

  • 7 Things you must re-examine & re-evaluate as a Leader

  • The human hijackers that may be hijacking your ability to become a Servant Leader 

"Contribution: Serving Others"

The measurement of our leadership and life effectiveness will come down to one thing: Contribution. We can’t take our title or position with us. The greatest influence and impact comes from developing and pouring ourselves into other people.


The highest form of leadership is servant leadership. We treat employees as value resources instead of tools, customers as allies rather than challenges we see a shift in our income, our impact, and our organizational bottom line. If you are a leader, you can’t afford to miss this dynamic and insightful program on, “The Highest Form of Leadership” by Adam White, speaker, author, and leadership expert.


In Adam’s powerful program on Contribution, you will learn:

  • 5 Levels of Contribution: Where it starts and how it can be developed

  • What defines and measures our life

  • Defining our Why and using it as the fuel to succeed

  • The 3 Parts of a Human Being and Why it’s significant for Leaders

  • The 3 Forms of Communication and which one is most effective

  • Service-driven and the 2 areas Servant Leaders should focus on

  • 5 Ways Organizations & Leaders are getting workplace diversity wrong


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"The Power of YOU"

Often when we ask a person who they are, they immediately tell us what their job is and what they do. Our talents, skill, ability, gift can often be much more than the job we do at work. In this powerful program, Adam White, speaker, author, and human potential expert helps attendees discover and develop the purpose, their gift and internal ability. This discovery influences higher levels or work performance, increased confidence, and the ability to contribute more to this world. You were made to do great things. Discover it with this program.


In his program you will learn:

  • Discover what influences you: Power or Purpose

  • Defining your Purpose

  • Determining what you will serve to others

  • 5 Questions that will help you define your Gift & Purpose

  • What are you known for?

  • Who will you serve?

  • Developing your talents, gifts, and internal ability

  • Learn the difference between “selling yourself” and “serving yourself”

  • Employment vs. Deployment

  • The difference between Job vs. Life Work




In Times of Crisis, Change and Challenge, the Best Organizations know who to trust


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