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This is an unprecedented time in history. With the spread of the corona virus people are struggling to find peace from the worry and stress of this global pandemic. People are scared. They are constantly watching the news and social media. They are pondering questions of how they can best take care of their health, and the well-being of their families, teams, and community. We are all worried about the future. The fall of the stock market, the future of our organizations and jobs, the health of this entire world.  Fear can paralyze us, distract our focus, steal our good habits and drive us to make irrational decisions. The pandemic is real. The virus is real...

But you and your organization don't have to face this time of crisis, challenge and change alone. Adam White has created powerful programs for your organization that are focused on leading during crisis, managing change, demonstrating courage, and developing critical thinking skills. Adam will help you navigate this challenging time, call forth your leadership spirit and help you come out on the other side. You have strength your side. You have Adam White Speaks. Take a look at programs and resources below that can be presented as a Keynote, Webinar, Workshop, Pre-Conference event, Training Session or Coaching Session. 

We will get through this. And we will get through this TOGETHER! 


COVID-19: How to Stay Calm and Carry On

This is a MUST WATCH and MUST SHARE for those you love. Learn now how to stay calm during this coronavirus crisis, manage fear and stress, and get through this season of change and crisis by Human Potential Expert, Adam White

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Reconnect. Refocus. Re-energize.

Adam's Wellness Course will help you mange the stress, reduce the feeling of overwhelm, and empower you with more resilience and energy. You will develop mental wellness with the powerful mindfulness exercise taught by Adam White

Adam's Programs for Crisis, Challenge, Change as Keynote, Webinar, or Training


How to Lead before, during and after Crisis”

In the aftermath of COVID-19, organizations, employees, staff, and industries are looking to leaders for Leadership. Most leaders have led during times of plenty and times of ease, but true leadership is tested during times of crisis, challenge and change.


In this powerful keynote program, Adam White, Human Potential Expert will teach leaders how to develop their inner leadership potential to lead during times of crisis, challenge and change.


Your audience and leaders will learn:

  • Leading through Crisis vs. Managing the Response

  • Creating a “bottom-up” culture instead of a crisis “command-and-control” mode

  • Leading vs. Managing (How to avoid over-managed and under-led approaches)

  • The 6 Critical Actions Leaders take make during and after a crisis

  • Understanding Basic Human Need and the 16 potential affects of Crisis on Staff

  • How to Manage the 4 seasons of change

  • Develop true inner leadership and how it’s birthed during Crisis

  • Developing the Spirit of Leadership that lies in all of us


*unless otherwise requested, Adam’s keynotes include a powerful exercise in mindfulness w/ music at the end of his presentation


Demonstrating Courage During

Crisis, Challenge and Change

More than ever before after this COVID-19 crisis that has swept across our entire world, we need to possess and demonstrate COURAGE. The courage within us will allow us to help those outside of us. Courage says I will bring the others home, I won’t leave anyone behind, I will take the lead, I will be responsible for the outcome. In military combat, Courage becomes a life or death situation. Whether in the military, in your organization, or in your home, you need to have Courage.

Courage is where leadership is born. Your ability to be courageous creates courage in the hearts of others.


In Adam’s powerful program on Courage, you will learn:

  • How to develop the commitment, mindset, and ability to place others before ourselves

  • The characteristics of Courage and how Leaders can develop them

  • Teaching others the 7 Positive Impacts of Crisis

  • Developing the Spirit of Leadership & Courage that lies in all of us

  • How to stay calm and carry on during crisis, challenge and change


*unless otherwise requested, Adam’s keynotes include a powerful exercise in mindfulness w/ music at the end of his presentation


Bouncing Back after Crisis, Challenge, Change

The COVID-19 epidemic has created some dark days. People are losing jobs, taking pay cuts, suffering from foreclosure, and unsure about the future. Some of them are snapping, sinking into depression or suffering a permanent loss of confidence. But others are snapping back. They are seeing opportunity where there is crisis. What is the difference between them? What carries people through tough times?

The answer is Resilience


Adam White, Human Potential Expert and Leadership Speaker has created a powerful program on the power of resilience and how to bounce back from crisis, challenge and change.


In his program you will learn:

  • The nature of individual resilience

  • What makes some organizations as a whole more resilient than others?

  • What makes others bend and ultimately bounce back

  • The 3 defining characteristics of Resilient people

  • 3 Ways to Cultivate Resilience

  • The power of Values during crisis, challenge and change

  • How the right perception plays a critical part in Resilience

  • Understanding the ingredients that helped people bounce back after crisis

  • And more principles and concepts on resilience, managing crisis, change and challenge


*unless otherwise requested, Adam’s keynotes include a powerful exercise in mindfulness w/ music at the end of his presentation


Critical Thinking Skills in Times of Crisis 

In times of crisis the human brain defaults into survival mode and loses its ability to think at the higher executive function level. When fear, panic, uncertainly are present, the mind can shut down and force the wrong decisions to be made.


In this powerful program, Adam White Human Potential Expert, teaches audiences how to develop and implement Critical Thinking Skills needed during time of Crisis, change, and challenge.


Your audience will learn:

  • Developing the ability to apply past lessons to unfamiliar situations like crisis, challenge and change

  • Understanding the 4 Types of Thinking (Reflective,

  • Understanding how to align thinking between previous knowns against current unknowns to gain perspective, identify problems, connect the dots, and determine a course of action

  • How to stay in “Critical Thinking” mode vs. “Survival mode”

  • Developing the ability to stay in “curious” and “learning” mode vs. “decision” mode

  • Decision Making: The Power of Studying Consequences instead of Decisions

  • Mental Reset: Practicing Mindfulness as a form of focus and mental reset

  • Venn Diagrams and how to simplify the complex in critical thinking

  • The power of mindfulness and mental focus

*unless otherwise requested, Adam’s keynotes include a powerful exercise in mindfulness w/ music at the end of his presentation


In Times of Crisis, Change and Challenge, the Best Organizations know who to trust