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GOOD TO GREAT: How to Develop Employees into Managers & Managers into Leaders


The majority of managers working in the U.S. today are wrong for their role. These managers may have talent that made them successful in their non-managerial role. But the talent that makes a salesperson, accountant, and an engineer is not the same talent that makes him or her a great manager or leader. Companies use outdated notions of succession to put people in these roles but overlook those in the organization with the innate “talent” to become great managers and ultimately great leaders. In Adam’s program, “Developing Manager & Leadership Greatness”, he uncovers the rare talents that should be found in every manager and leader. If you want to develop managers that will last and have the skills and talent to influence both employee engagement and organizational performance, then this is the program you don’t want to miss.


• Defining Leadership

• How Leaders lead out of their life and not their position

• The responsibility of Leadership

• Develop a clear and definitive understanding of what leadership is and how to spot it in employees and managers 


Defining what Management is NOT

• How to Develop Managers into “Coaches”

• (4) Key shifts current Managers must Make

• The Impact of Managers who are not fit to Manage

• How Disengaged Managers create Disengaged Employees

• The difference between a Leader vs. Manager Mindset and how Managers can learn to think more like leaders


 How to pick the right talent for Management

• The Hidden sources of Employee Engagement or Disengagement

• The Triad of Employee Engagement

• The 5 most important elements of an employee role

• 3 Steps to Building the Influential Leader within every employee

• Understanding the principle that everyone is a leader and why





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