The 7 Habits That Unlock Greatness Within

The difference in success or failure in life, work and business are hidden within habits. Habits are the essence of what separates people who achieve greatness and those that don't. In this powerful program based on the book, "Made For Greatness: The 7 Habits that Unlock Greatness Within", leadership keynote speaker, Adam White delivers the 7 Powerful Habits every Individual can develop to master these leadership challenges. 


You will discover:  


How to develop the 7 powerful habits for yourself and your organization:


Habit 1 - Take the Lead - This habit teaches accountability, taking initiative, and cultivating leadership in every single person

Habit 2 - Prepare for Greatness - The habit teaches the principles of preparation and developing a M.A.P. for high performance and laser-focused results

Habit 3 - Develop Discipline - This habit teaches the power of rituals and daily habits that when implemented consistently makes any vision, plan, or goal achievable in far less time.

Habit 4 - Think We, not Me - This habit builds a sense of teamwork to make the dream work. It transitions the culture from selfishness to selflessness.

Habit 5 - Focus on Achievement Instead of Activity - Teaches the habit of focusing on the end results and outcome without being side-tracked or distracted by daily unproductive activities.

Habit 6 - Cultivate Gratitude - Creating a culture of gratitude produces more positive mindsets and more collaborative work environments. 

Habit7 - Defy the odds - This habit develops the leadership ability to overcome challenges, obstacles, manage change and defy the very odds that are stacked against them. 


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