Managing Changes in the Age of Disruption


Managing Changes in the Age of Disruption

In this quickly changing landscape of business, industries are being disrupted by technology, AI, and massive change on many levels. Companies like Uber, Amazon, Google are transforming the way we do business and manage our organizations. We have to develop the ability to manage the changes that are affecting us or we will simply be left behind. 


In this powerful program, Adam teaches the most important area to manage first, our mindset, beliefs, and how we will approach change itself. Old philosophies, out-dated leadership models, and historic mindsets don't work anymore. You can't approach new challenges with old models and mindsets. If we are going to stay ahead of the tidal wave of change and disruption, it will require us to change internally first. 


In this session, your attendees will: 


  • The (5) Challenges every Organization must Master

  • The (3) Tests every organization needs to pass: The test of Technology, the test of Change, the test of Talent Management

  • Training & Development of the Future

  • How to Re-Define Management

  • How to develop more influence

  • Organizational Shifts: Re-Defining Management, Developing Influential Leaders, Organizational Culture 

  • Disruption: How to respond to disruptive changes

  • The 3 most powerful things that cause resistance to change

  • Mindset & Belief: How to develop the right mindset and belief system about change

  • The 3 levels of life that affect how we embrace change

  • 4 seasons: How to master the 4 seasons of business life that bring change

  • Consumption vs. Creation and how to focus on only one

  • The 3 things that should never change, regardless of the changes happening around us


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