Shifting the Culture from Paycheck to Purpose

Engaging employees in the work they do every day is the single most important way to increase productivity without compromising profit. Today's millennial and modern workforce doesn't just want a paycheck. Employees want their contributions and ideas to matter. Contrary to popular belief, monetary compensation is second to finding a sense of purpose and significance in their work. What motivates and engages employees today, are "intrinsic values" like significance, purpose, and contribution, not "extrinsic values" like money. If you want to create a culture that is based on purpose and not paychecks, then you can't afford to miss this powerful program as a keynote, training session, or conference event. 


In this session, your attendees will discover:


  • The (5) Life Questions that give us purpose and influence our work, life, & results

  • The (3) things that block us from tapping into our purpose, leadership ability & potential

  • The (3) things that will help us develop purpose

  • The (3) areas of life we need to change

  • How to change from a culture of "paycheck" to a culture of "purpose"

  • Strengths-based focus vs. weaknesses and how to help people connect their purpose to their work responsibilities.

  • Find out what employee really want and how to improve employee engagement by providing it

  • How to use Adam's signature, A.C.T.I.O.N. to turn employees into employer brand ambassadors.

  • The (5) most important elements of an employee role.

  • How to transform your workplace from the old command-and-control system to one of influential leadership


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