How To Develop the Power of Personal Leadership

Some Contemporary leaders attempt to divorce their private lives from their public responsibilities. However, the reality is that the lives we lead privately affect our leadership performance publicly. This is not speculation, but a principle of fact. Most organizations have focused on “positional leadership” when “personal leadership” is the key to Great positional leadership. In this powerful program, Leadership & Human Potential Expert, Adam White, teaches leaders how to reconnect with themselves and develop their internal leadership ability, which improves their professional leadership in the process. Leadership is not a role one plays, but rather a life one leads. Self-Development and Leadership Development are the same.


Leaders, Managers & Staff will learn:


  • How to lead with integrity, competency, and objectivity

  • Develop the skill of influence, which builds trust, credibility, cooperation, and buy-in

  • The Power of Vision and 13 Things that Vision does for a Leader

  • How to maximize internal leadership potential

  • Develop the hidden leader within

  • Empower diverse and future leaders with leadership skill

  • Lead based on permission and not just position
  • Develop leadership that is governed by personal morals, values, and principles

  • Discover where the American Leadership Philosophy came from and why it doesn’t work anymore

  • How to lead a life of significance and not just a life of success

  • Wellness for leaders: Mental wellness, Physical wellness, Spiritual wellness

  • How to achieve balance in all 4 areas: Leadership, Relationships, Career and Life

  • And more principles on personal leadership & personal management


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