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How To Improve Employee Engagement


There are (3) distinct things that will improve employee engagement:

1. A Sense of Ownership. Giving employees a sense of ownership is one key approach to getting employees more engaged. Think about this for a moment. How would an employee treat a organization if they owned it. Employees would care much more for bottom line profitably and every aspect of the organization to make sure it succeeded rather than failed. Many employees feel they just work a company and they are just there to pick up their paycheck. But the moment you start giving an employee investment in a company and a sense of ownership over their work day, their responsibilities, and their work environment, and then they will become more engaged. Here is a powerful formula:

Ownership = Empowerment & Empowerment = Commitment.

2. A Sense of Significance. One of the most important human needs in all humans is the need for Significance. Employees want to feel that their opinion and their contributions matter. Sometimes their work and work responsibilities are the only areas of their life they can feel significant about. Take their work from them and they feel unwanted, and unimportant. If you want to see employee engagement skyrocket, start giving employees a sense of significance at work and they will become more involved and enthusiastic about being there.

3. Appreciation. This may seem simple and automatic, but often employees don’t feel appreciated for the work they do. A survey was taken among employees and it revealed that employees valued being appreciated more than money. A simple “Thank You” can transform the negative attitude of an employee and begin to immediately add value. Public recognition and telling them how valuable they are can make a tremendous difference in how much employees become engaged at work. Would you become more engaged and involved in a relationship where the person never said Thank You? Or I appreciate you? Or I’m thankful for you. Of course not, you would eventually leave the relationship. Being ungrateful of employee contributions can be felt and will cause employees to quickly become disengaged. A simple “Thank You” takes a small investment of time, but pays years’ worth of dividends to the company in terms of employee productivity, performance, and engagement.

BONUS: Hiring Tip for HR Professionals and Leaders.


In corporate America we’ve gotten in wrong at times. We focus only on the skill of a potential candidate but fail to consider character. We hire a person of great skill, but poor character. They become hard to work with, and a manager nightmare. We can always train people for the work we want them to do, but we can’t train character. In this fast paced generation in which we live, skill sets change, technology is constantly changing and long after skills are no longer valued, a person of character will stand the test of time.

Leadership is not a Position, Leadership is a Lifestyle. #ALeaderOthersWillFollow:ThePowerofInfluence.

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