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How to Keep Going: 5 Ways to Refuel

How to Keep Going: 5 Ways to Refuel

How do we keep going? We all get discouraged and we all run out of fuel. I am going to give you 5 ways to will allow you to refuel when you seem exhausted. We get exhausted, we get frustrated by the problems of the day. Work can sometimes overwhelm us. We come home and there are family problems, we can have financial problems. There are employee problems if you are a leader. Even if you are leading a family, there are still family problems. We can go on vacation and run into problems. Our room is not ready and we can run into all types of problems where ever we go. Sometimes those problems beat upon the ship of our lives and the vessel of life and cause to lose steam and energy. Today I want to inspire you and give you some great tips that are going to help you with how to keep going.

What do you do when you are just about out of steam? When you don’t feel like getting up in the morning? When you don’t feel like getting your foot out of the bed to start your day? When you don’t feel like working out and exercising? When you don’t feel like eating right? When you don’t feel like working on your relationships? How do we keep going?

That’s what this session is about. I am excited to share some great tips with you.

Let’s get started…

Manage Your Emotional State.

The number one way to be able to refuel yourself is to manage your emotional state. Let me say it again, you must be able to manage your emotional state.

If you are always in a state of frustration, always in a state of anger, always in state of sadness or feeling sorry for yourself, if you are always in a state of someone has disappointed me and you walk around with a state of depression, you can’t continue to grow. You will run out of steam and fuel because your emotional state is out of control. Have you seen a person that can’t get a handle on themselves? If you want to be able to keep going, if you don’t want to run out of steam and hit that roadblock or wall of life that stops you from making progress, you have to be able to manage your emotional state.

How do we manage our emotional state? One way is that we must take care of our physical bodies and our physiology. We have to be able to exercise and workout. Did you know that when you workout, exercise, put your gym shoes, go outside and take that walk, it allows you to reset your mental button and your mental focus. Often times we need to make a shift in our physiology and a shift in our body that will then allow us to be able to make a shift in our emotions and in our mind.

We can’t allow things that are coming upon, beating upon us, and the waves of life that are crashing against our vessel to cause us to capsize by destroying ourselves and allow our emotions to be out of control. Look at the recent death of the comedian that that played Mrs. Doubtfire (Robin Williams), he took his life because he could not manage his emotional state. He made millions of people laugh across the country with all the videos and comedy that he offered to us on television and behind the screen.

But inside he was going through an internal battle. He was surrounded by people, but still lonely and not able to manage his emotional state and as a result his not with us today.

Robin Williams is not with us today because he couldn’t manage his emotional state and took his own life. How many times have we heard this tragic story played out again and again? Money is not the solution, fame is not the solution, and being surrounded by people is not the solution. In order to keep going and not call it quits, we have to be able to manage our emotional state. We have to stay in charge of our emotions and not let what other people say to us or other environments we step into to consume us where we come home with problems and we don’t have way to get rid of stress and stress eats us away.

I want to inspire you today that you keeping going, manage your state and don’t pull the plug. Don’t pull the plug on your relationships, don’t pull the plug on your dreams, and don’t pull the plug on your career. Don’t pull the plug of life. Don’t call it quits. Don’t take your own life because you say you can’t deal with the pressure. You must strengthen your emotional state. Fix the state of your mind. When you feel depression coming on, go and do that workout, take those moments of meditation or prayer, do whatever it takes to get yourself out of that state of frustration and disappointment and get back into the game of life. Watch your emotional states.

Where do you live emotionally? Do you live in state of depression everyday? Do you live in a state where you wake up and you are looking for the worst thing to happen? Do you live in a state where you are self-sabotaging? Do you feel everything is going wrong and nothing seems to be going right in your life? What emotional state are you living in? What emotional house have you built around yourself? How you see the world and your belief system is affected by your emotional state.

Keeping going today. Don’t give up on your dreams, your life, your ambitions, your career or your relationships. You must manage your emotional state. Here is number two…

Rediscover Your Why.

I know you have heard it before but I want you to really think about this. We often go for the how to.

How do I get that promotion? How do I get that raise? How do I make this better? But we never consider our why. I want to ask you a question today. What is your why? Why do you get up every day and go to the same job? Why do you provide for your family? Why do you put up with stress and struggle? Why do you do the things that you do? What is our inner why? What is your drive and motivation? Is it your family? It might be that you want to provide for them. It might be that you have an ambition to accomplish something great. You may have a certain ladder you want to reach on the corporate scale. You might be striving for something. What is your why?

What allows us to refuel ourselves, get back in the game and not feel like quitting is that we have to go back and rediscover our why. Why are we here? You were not just placed on this planet to exist and float by, but you were placed here for a purpose and for a reason. You were placed here to make a dent in this universe. So what is your why? Maybe it’s your family. You know for me it’s my need to take care of my family and provide the best life that I can for them. My why is in the fulfillment of doing these videos because I want to speak into your life. I care about people. I care about making change and transformation in the lives of others. I’m passionate about that.

I am driven to do videos while others are sleeping, I can work hard while others want to quit. You have to discover your why and tap into why you exist. What have to ask what is important for me? I want you to sit down today and write down a list of the things that are important in your life. Write down if its family, or if it’s a certain level you want to achieve, or if it’s a goal. Maybe it’s someone who has passed away and you want their life to be lived vicariously through you. What is your why?

Are you living for someone else or are you living for your own expectations? I challenge you today to know that the number two way to refuel yourself and to keep going when discouragement comes and to keep going when depression comes, you have to stop, backup and rediscover your why. Why am I doing what I am doing? Why am I going to make this decision? What is driving my emotions and my emotional state? Rediscover you why. Let’s move on…


The enemy of progress is distraction. It is not that we are afraid, it is not that we don’t have ability, it’s not that we don’t have enough resources, it’s that we are not resourceful. We often don’t take the time to focus on what we need to be doing. We do what is called, “multi-tasking.” With multi-tasking we are a little bit good at this and a little bit good at that, but we have not mastered anything.

We start this project and we don’t finish, we start that email and we don’t finish, we start our to-do list and we don’t even finish the to-do list because we are distracted. Distractions are the enemy of progress. They will keep you trapped, stop you from making progress, and stop you from moving forward. You can’t keep going when you stop to check Facebook every five minutes. You can’t keep going when you check in on Twitter, checking in to stay I’m at this restaurant, taking selfies, and selfies of your dinner meal. You can’t stay focused on your goal and mission for life when you constantly plagued by distraction. You weaken yourself when you spend so much time being concerned about what others are doing and when you are watching everyone’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and wasting time. It is all a distraction from you goal and mission. You lose energy. You lose momentum. You start with a to-do list, you start with, “I’m going to get this done today”, “I’m going to accomplish this” and you lose momentum because you allow distractions. You allow that phone call, you live in your email box, and you end up living for other people’s agenda.

You never took time to set the slate right and to stay focused. So third thing that will help you not lose momentum and to keep going is to focus. Don’t’ multi-task. It’s a great concept to think I can get a bunch of things done at the same time, but often times we spread ourselves too thin. The opposite of vision is “DI-vision.” Divided. It means I am focused here but my vision is over there. I’m trying to get this done, but I’m working on this project. It is called di-vision. When you are divided, you are split into two and you can’t accomplish the things you want to accomplish. So number three is you have to be able to focus. If you want to continue to keep going, if you don’t want to get discouraged and give up, you have to maintain your focus. Here is number four…

Do More of What You Love.

Passion. Passion will drive you while others are sleeping. When you feel tired, passion is the fuel that will keep you going. You may have a job or career that is not something you are passionate about but don’t forget to do more of what you love. If you love to sing, sing every day. If you love to dance, dance every day. If you are a writer, then write more. If you are a speaker, then speak more. If you are a painter, paint more beautiful landscapes. Whatever it is that you love doing do it. When you have something that you are working on it gives you something to look forward to everyday. You wake up with energy, you wake up with excitement, and you wake up with passion because you have something to look forward to.

So even if I have to go to a job that I don’t like, it doesn’t matter because when I’m done with that job I can get back to doing more of what I love. Find your passion, find what it is that pushes you. Find what will keep you up at night thinking about it. Here is a good one. Passion is what you are willing to do for free. Would you do what you are doing for free right now? That will prove if you are passionate about it. It’s not about money, it’s not about significance. What it’s about is loving it.

One of my passions is me here talking to you. I am passionate about seeing people absolutely be their best and do their best. So I record videos, I write books, I go around the country speaking to audiences all of the time, I coach people, provide mentorship, all because I have a passion for helping others. Every day I am excited to get up, I look forward to the next day because I know I am doing something that is going to make a difference in the lives of others. What is your passion? Let me pose that question to you. What is your passion? If you find your passion and do more of what you love, you will not run out of fuel, you will be able to keep going. Here is number five…

Forgive Yourself.

This is a big one. Number five is to forgive yourself. Are you holding on to things that have happened in your past? Are you beating yourself up because you are not where you want to be? Do you feel like you have not accomplished everything you set out to? Are you at a certain age or stage in life and you feel like I should be further along than I am? Have you forgiven yourself today? If you stay trapped in the box of unforgiveness, not just towards other people, but if you don’t forgive yourself, stop beating up yourself, and if you don’t stop self-sabotaging, it will keep you trapped behind a wall. You will have built a man-made prison around your life. You will stay in this prison that keeps you trapped, afraid to try, afraid to go after your passion, and unable to change the mental state of depression because you have not forgiven yourself.

We all make mistakes in life, we all have fallen short. There was a point in my life where I lost everything that I had. I was forced to move into my parent’s basement and in that basement I felt unqualified for life. I felt as though I wasn’t worthy to live. I asked, “Why did I end up here?” I had lost everything. It was so hard. I beat myself up. I blamed myself for not doing the things I should have done in life. I made wrong choices and decisions that brought me to a place of failure. I couldn’t forgive myself for those wrongs.

But I had to come to a place in life where I had to make a decision that it was ok. Mistakes and failures are what success is built upon. I had to change my perspective about myself and stop doubting myself, stop self-sabotaging and making myself pay for the mistakes of the past. I had to learn to forgive myself and to let it go. This is the most powerful tool to help you keep going.

Often not forgiving ourselves is what stops us. Sometimes we don’t even know it. We go along in life but we are always frustrated, we are always upset about something, there is always something nagging at us and irritating us. Deep down inside even when are not aware is that we haven’t taken time to say, “John, I forgive you”, “Adam, I forgive you.” Go ahead and just say that now to forgive yourself. Say you name. If you are still holding onto things that may be holding you back from making progress and not allowing you to refuel. It could have you stopped where you are and you can’t take a step. It is in forgiving yourself.

Practice these five tips that will keep you moving, refuel you and get you engaged again. You might get frustrated, don’t stay there, you might get disappointed, don’t stay there, you might get hurt, don’t stay there.

How to Keep Going: 5 Ways to Refuel

  1. Manage Your Emotional State.

  2. Rediscover Your Why.

  3. Focus.

  4. Do More of What You Love.

  5. Forgive Yourself.

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