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Turn Defeat into Motivation

Today I’m going to talk to you about how to turn defeat into motivation.

Sometimes in life things don’t work out the way that we plan, sometimes we feel defeated, we feel discouraged, and we need to know how to turn that defeat into motivation. How do we take something that has happened in our life or something that we attempted to do, and it causes us to feel defeated when it doesn’t work out?

Sometimes you want to just quit, you want to throw in the towel, sometimes you might say, “you know I’m not even try anymore because I feel defeated.” Our emotions and how we feel affects what we actually want to be able to do and if we want to try again.

Today I’m going to give you a couple tips on how to turn defeat into motivation. Let’s get started…

Acknowledge It

The first thing you have to do is simply acknowledge defeat. Often times we try to hide our feelings or we try to pretend as though something doesn’t exist, or pretend as though we don’t feel a certain way, then that’s not allowing us to release those feelings, it’s not allowing us to face the defeat or the disappointment that we experience. So the first we have to be able to do is to simply acknowledge it.

Just take time and take a moment to say, “You know what I feel discouraged today”, John let me down or Jane didn’t do I thought she was going to do. I didn’t get the promotion that I was looking for, I didn’t get the career advancement , the company closed and I didn’t get that severance package I thought I would get. This relationship didn’t work out. I thought she was going to be into me, but she rejected me.

I thought that he was going to love me and and he ended up going with someone else. So often many things can create defeat and create discouragement in our lives, but the first thing that you have to be able to do when defeat comes your way is to simply acknowledge it.

Don’t be afraid to admit, I feel discouraged, I feel let down. When you’re able to release your feelings and emotions that gives you strength to be able to deal with it. If you keep it bottled up inside and you don’t acknowledge it or admit that something is going wrong, it can tear you up inside. It can eat away at you like a cancer. Acknowledge that this is happened. Acknowledge the relationship didn’t work. Acknowledge that the career opportunity didn’t happen. You have to be able to say it’s okay.

Give yourself permission to breathe. Give yourself permission to pause and feel the hurt, feel the disappointment. That’s number one, but I’m not going to leave you there. We have to do the next thing…

Shift Your Mindset & Perspective

We have to be able to shift our mindset and our perspective.

Let me give you three tips for being able to shift your mindset and your perspective about defeat. This is how you really begin to turn it from defeat into motivation.

Define the Meaning.

Number one is you have to define the meaning. You have to be able to say what does this mean to me? Instead of guessing in the unknown, or just leaving it out there allowing your feelings to run wild, after you’ve acknowledge that it is happened the next step that you have to take is you have to create the meaning. You have to shift your focus, shift your mindset, and say what does this mean to me.

Is it really the end of the world? Is it really the end of my life? Just because I feel defeated, is it really the end? Or can I pick up and try again? You have to be able to say, wait a minute let me put a meaning, let me put a description to this. What does this mean to me what does it mean to my future?

So number two is we have to be able to create the meaning and define what that defeat means to you. Define what is happened, define the people that are associated to it, define how you feel. We have to be able to define meaning.

Change the Focus.

Number two to shifting our perspective and our focus is simply this: we have to change the focus.

I talk often about this camera lens. As you see me, you’re watching me through a lens that is focused on me, but if I adjusted this lens and blurred it, you can see my silhouette but you can’t see my eye color or you can’t see the color of my shirt you. You couldn’t really see me clearly. So often times when we become defeated, it blurs our focus. The defeat adjusts the lens of life for us and we can’t see things as they. Don’t see things worse than they are, see them as they are and then you can see how to improve them.

So number two is we have to change the focus. Make the focus less about you. Don’t focus on yourself. I feel so horrible. That was the first step. You acknowledge it but don’t stay there. You have to shift your focus now. I’ve been looking at the wrong things, I’ve been looking at what they are doing, looking at what the company did to me, I’ve been looking at what this person did to hurt me, I’ve been looking at this didn’t work out, and I didn’t get the things I thought I was supposed to get, and this person didn’t acknowledge me, whatever the reason might be, you gotta stop looking at the wrong things.

You have to re-adjust the camera lens of your life and say “hey wait a minute, I’m going to stop focusing on the bad, I’m going to stop focusing on what caused me to feel defeated and I’m going to turn this into motivation. I’m going to use this as an opportunity to grow and to turn things around. I’m not going to stay in the state of defeat which brings on depression, which brings on sadness, and puts me in a state of isolation where I can’t try again. So the thing you have to do is shift your focus.

Take Action (What will I do about it).

The third key to be able to change your perspective, shift how you feel and shift how you think is you have to be able to say now what do I do? What action do I take? Do I stay in this state and allow myself to just stay in a depressed state, or stayed defeated and don’t feel like trying? No, I have to get up and take action. One of things you can do is begin the write your goals down. Begin to write to dreams down and say, I’m not giving up. I’m going to try again because I’m not defeated. I’m not going to accept defeat. You know defeat is not really defeat until you accept it. Don’t accept defeat. You are not defeated. You can try again and give it your best. So you have to be able to change your mindset. You have to define the meaning. Define what it means to you. Number two you have to shift the focus. Re-adjust the lens and say wait a minute, I’ve been looking at the wrong things and now I’m going to look at the possibilities. Number three you have to be able to do whatever it takes. You must take action and begin to move again in the direction of the very thing that defeated you. Move into that direction and say, you know what I’m not going to quit. It’s not over yet.

Those are three ways that you shift your mindset and shift your focus.

Find Sources of Motivation.

The last thing I want to give you is this: You have to be able to find sources of motivation. The first place to start is with Adam White speaks. Come to my site, you’re already here watching my videos. When you feel discouraged you feeling defeated, find some videos. Not just mine. There are so many great people out here that can speak into your life, inspire you and uplift you when you feel discouraged.

When I feel like I can’t move forward or I feel like I Can’t accomplish things today, I watch videos and things that inspire me and empower me to do it again. To get up and try again. To realize that my life is not over. I’m breathing and I’m functioning today so it’s not over yet. I’m not going to accept defeat. I’m going to give it another try. So you have to be able to find sources of motivation.

Put on your favorite music. I have many songs that I listen to that that puts me into a mental state. I can begin to focus in and meditate, and all of a sudden that attitude of defeat begins to leave because I put on the right type of music. I set up the right environment and the right atmosphere where I can begin the shift and change my mindset. So put on your favorite music that music that inspires you, that music that raises your standard, that music that makes you believe again. Find sources of motivation whether it is a motivational video, or whether it’s playing your favorite music.

Hang out with People that have Passion & Progress.

Hang out around people that have two things: passion and progress. That’s awesome let me say it again. Get around some people, when you feel defeated, get around people that have passion and they are making progress. Passive and progress are contagious. They will attract you and they will connect to you.

That person that is passionate and making progress is the person that is going to inspire you. You will feel, if they can do it, then I can do it. If Adam can come from living in his parent’s basement to owning his own business, then I can do it. If Adam can come from failure and turn it into success, then I can do it. If he can take a defeat in his life and turn it into motivation, then so can you. You don’t have to stay in that state. You can change it. You can shift it and it starts with these powerful principles I am sharing with you today.

So let’s recap number one knowledge don’t be afraid, don’t be embarrassed, and don’t be shy. Say look, I feel defeated, I feel discouraged. Acknowledge it. Let it be.

Number two, you have to go right into a shift as soon as defeat comes. You’ve acknowledged that it happened, go right into a mental shift and the way that you shift your mind and your perspective is:

Define a meaning. What does this mean to me? It’s not the end. The meaning says I can try again the next thing is I have to change my focus. I have to shift things around so I can start to look at things differently and not see the failure, but see the success that is coming.

Number three is I have to be able to take action. What do I do with the meaning and the focus? What action do I take? Get back to your goals, get back to dreams, and get back to writing things down. Don’t stop trying.

Finally number three is find sources of motivation. Motivation is not something that you have it’s something that you have to create. Did you hear that? Let me say it again. Motivation is not something you have it’s something that you have to create and what you create it is by finding sources of motivation.

Come and spend time with me, watch my videos, and you’ll be inspired and uplifted. Find some other motivational videos that inspire and get you moving. Put on your favorite music and set your environment. Get out of that state of depression and defeat and put on some music that will shift your focus. Hang around people that have passion and progress and I promise you, you will pick up passion and you will pick up progress. Hey this is Adam White, and I want to tell you that you were made for greatness. This is how you turn the defeat into motivation.

If you enjoy this type of speaking I want you to come visit me Adam White speaks. I want you to go online and look at my skill of influence course you. If you want to gain more influence in your life. After you have turned defeat in the motivation and you want to motivate others, you want to inspire them to do great things, come and join me in my skill of influence course and learn how to develop ability and skill of influence to do great things in life. Guess what? I believe in you and I know you were made for greatness. You made for great things. Until next time, this is Adam of Adam White I will see you next time.

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