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How to Experience More Love


Today I’m excited to talk to you about a subject that is very dear to me. It’s about love.

I want to talk to you about how to experience more love in your life. in this time, and in this generation more than ever before we all need to have more love. There’s not a person that is watching this video that does not want to be loved. One of the greatest two fears that drive human behavior are that we are not good enough and we won’t be loved.

We don’t try certain things and we will stay in a toxic relationship simply because we’re afraid that if I leave, I won’t find love again. I would rather take my chances with her and with pain than to try to love again. We are afraid that that if I if I make this new job transition I won’t be loved, if I move to this different neighborhood I won’t be loved, if I change my hair color I won’t be loved. I fear I’m not good enough and I’m not smart enough. I fear if I will be accepted. Love means acceptance.

So today, I want to give you five areas that sometimes can block us and block the pathway for receiving and experiencing more love in our lives.

Let Down Your Walls

You must be able to let down your walls. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to people and mentored others that I come across, and so many that have walls up. When you start talking to them about love and relationships the first thing they begin to talk about is what happened in the past. That talk about why I don’t want to trust him because all I was hurt before by someone like him. I don’t want to open my heart and let down my walls again, this person let me down over 13 years ago I’m still hurting from what happened to me and I’m not going to put myself in that position again.

I don’t want to be hurt. I don’t want to be disappointed. So often we build walls around our heart, we build walls around our life, and the sad part is, we build our own self-made prisons. No one has placed us in prison, no one has constructed the walls and put up the barb wire or shut the prison cells.

We built our own self-made prison. We live in a prison in life where we can’t allow others to come in. We won’t allow love into our life and it’s the thing that blocks others from giving to us the love that we need and want so desperately. Simply because we place walls around us.

We put ourselves in this box and we won’t open the walls. If you want to experience more joy in your life, you must let down your walls. I know it’s not easy. I know you’re telling me right now, Adam it’s difficult when you’ve been hurt, you don’t want to be hurt. But again, it’s the same wall that you put up to protect your heart is the same wall that you imprison yourself. More painful than being hurt is not having love in your life at all. So, I want to encourage you today that whatever walls you build around yourself and whatever self-made prison you’ve created, I want you to let those walls down today.

Learn how to love again. That’s powerful….

Don’t Wait for Perfection

Number two is, don’t wait for perfection. Often, we say when he’s looks like this and he has a six pack, when he is just what I need, or if she’s got just what I’m looking for then I’m going to go ahead and give it a try. But there are no perfect people on this planet. No one is perfect. I’m not by any means advising you to compromise your standard. Keep your standard high. You deserve the very best, but at the same time don’t wait for perfection. Open your heart. Let down your walls and begin to love. You know love can be found in the oddest places. One of the things that is interesting is, often we can close the door on the ones that we need and open the door to the ones that don’t appreciate us. It’s such an amazing thing. We must be careful that we not opening our doors to the wrong people and closing the doors on the ones who love us in a way that we really need and deserve.

Don’t wait for perfection. Don’t wait for the perfect guy or the perfect gal. There’s someone waiting to love you in a way that you deserve if you would just let down your walls and try again. You might just find the love of your life.

Open Your Heart

Number three to experiencing more love is, open your heart. Often, we can let the walls down, but our heart is still closed. Our heart is still shut up. We can’t really open our heart but sometimes we are standing in front of a person that wants to love us. We won’t open our heart. Our heart has become like stone. Our heart has become cold. We don’t want to give it a try, so we close our heart. This is just like the walls, but now this is inside the walls. You can’t experience more love in your life because you said I’m not going to open my heart. I’m not going to trust him or her again. I’m not going to put my confidence in family because they will let me down. It doesn’t matter where it is, we should be willing to open our heart again. We must allow love to influence our heart once again.

Create Space

Number four is we have to create space in our life. How much is your life clouded and congested with busy tasks? Going to the gym and going out for a girl’s night out or a guy’s night out. Going fishing or going to the mall. What is going on in our life that has us so busy we don’t have time to open our hearts for more love? We are so busy and often times we use busyness as an excuse. If I stay busy and I don’t focus on pain. If I stay busy, I won’t have to focus on the love not being in my life like I need. Then I’m okay. I can just go on and do what I need to do. In reality busyness will never replace love. Did you hear that? Busyness will never replace love. We have to create space in our life. We have to get some things out of the way. We have to free up some of our time. If we really want to experience more love in our life, if we want to open the doors, and open our walls we have to create space.

We could open walls, and open our heart, and open our doors, but if we are so busy, how can someone step in and be able to love us? We are so very busy doing what? On a path to where? Let’s think about opening our hearts and creating some space in our lives that will allow people to come in and to love us. We can then experience more love and more joy.

Give Love

Number five is most powerful. If you want to experience more love in your life, you have to give love.

I was looking through definitions of love and one of the definitions I found was that love means to “give.” If you know the classic bible scripture, John 3:16; for God so loved the world that he gave. Think about that. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Our Creator set the stage for how to really get more love in our life. The way that we get more love in our life is we have to learn how to give love.

I know what you’re saying it hurts. I’m not going to give any more love. I’m not going to try again because I don’t want to be hurt and disappointed. That’s what builds that prison. But I promise you the law of reciprocity will begin to work in your life when we learn how to give love. There is no way on God’s green earth that you can give love, start showing love to people, start giving them all of the care and the concern, and not receive that love back in your life.

Often times we cut off the flow of love because we stop the law of reciprocity. We’re not giving, so we can’t receive. It’s the law of the universe. It was created I got here. The laws of the universe don’t change for you or they don’t change for me. If we are not giving love then we can never receive. We have to be able to follow the law reciprocity.

We have to begin to give love. I promise you, if you start loving on people, and start opening your heart and loving others, then love is what’s going to come back to you.

This session was about how to get more love in your life.

  1. Let down the Walls.

  2. Don’t wait for perfection

  3. Open Your Heart

  4. Create Space

  5. Give Love

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