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Developing Mental Toughness

You know a lot of the challenges in our lives start in our mind. We don’t believe that we are capable, we don’t believe we are good enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough. We feel challenged in our mind. Mindset is so very important. We ha...

5 Ways to Improve Your Personal Influence

As a Leader and as a person, whether we are leading our family, leading an organization, leading a company or leading a country, we have to have the skill of Influence.

The best way to start with influence is not trying to influe...


There are (3) distinct things that will improve employee engagement:

1.   A Sense of Ownership. Giving employees a sense of ownership is one key approach to getting employees more engaged. Think about this for a moment. How would an employee treat a organization...

Watch this video as Adam talks about the greatest fears that hold us back from making progress and living in the fullness of who we were created to be. 

Take a few moments to learn how to Reduce Stress and Find Meaning Again as I guide you through a simple exercise in Mindfulness and Gratitude. 

What are the Characteristics of an Influential Leader? What would they look like? Adam uncovers one of the most powerful Influential Leadership Characteristics in the video and how you can develop this characteristic to create more influence in your life. Watch it now...

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